About Us

Our brand is a little bit different, it is Curated Outfitting....

Basically put, each month we will design & release a curated outfit as part of our monthly collection.

Every month on the 8th day of the month, we will release an OUTFIT.

This Outfit is curated to build a functional wardrobe through conscious design & manufacturing processes & will be a limited edition release only. 

Every future Outfit released will be styled with carefully thought & will always co-ordinate with forthcoming outfits. We aim to make your life easy, providing you with complete & fundamentally versatile look. 

This outfit is meticulously styled so it will invariably co-ordinate back with former & forthcoming outfits allowing for a structured approach to constructing your wardrobe.

Our ethos at The Design Republik is simple; it is to deliver a designer level product in aesthetic & quality at a more intrigued level price point.

In the world of fast fashion, unfortunately styles are not made to last, as a designer and a conscious consumer I believe that we can do better. Clean silhouettes and dedicated craftsmanship are the guiding principles for each piece we create. We use the finest Australian & NZ merino wools, silks, cashmere, Japanese denim & fair trade organic cottons; and our timeless styles have been designed to last for many years with frequent use.

To keep our brand unique, only a limited release of our outfits for pre-sale will be made available per month, once this quota is subscribed to, production will commence & upon completion and extensive quality control, your purchase will then be delivered to you beautifully packed in one of our boxes.

Each & every month we aspire to provide the perfect outfit, the one that you confidently select, something representative of what is shown in magazine spreads, yet logistically & economically obtainable.

We compliment this outfit with the addition of some extra on trend items and wardrobe staples, including jeans that fit perfectly & luxe knitwear, styles that will extend the wearability & diversify the outfit

A modest pricing structure is of high consequence to us at The Design Republik, yet this is in no way the result of any sacrifice to our quality. Our men’s & women’s collections are crafted with love and intention; using only the best materials, our garments are impeccable & inherently luxurious.

In most circumstances the price of our entire outfit actually equates to far less than the retail price of just a coat alone found in any known middle market high street or department store.

You may ask how we can facilitate this, well such is a result of us learning solid methods over the many years that we have been working in the fashion industry, we have spent the last 12 months perfecting superior execution and building the efficient logistical structure that allows us to make this a reality & in turn offer our collection at a true cost, one that is not inflated with multiple margin requirements.

We undertake our manufacture in factories that are also utilised by top fashion houses. We have a sound ethical & environmental code of conduct & ensure that from sourcing our raw materials to dispatching our end products that social responsibility is paramount. 

We are aware of our roll to our staff, our manufactures & their staff, society & environmental protection & we see to offset any carbon foot print we make by donating to environment charities. We also have a foundation called inch by inch against poverty through which we donate a percentage of the proceeds from our bags. Currently we support small business in developing nations involved in the apparel industry through Kiva & we are working with our denim factory to help provide community teachers who devote themselves to the rural elementary education for village children living in remote areas of southern China.

Our clothes are designed with love & made with conscience.